What Goes Into It

Start with local milk and cream from Hudson Valley Fresh.  Throw in pure sugar and eggs, then add only the best Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Vanilla.  And there you have it!  “Best Vanilla ice cream in Westchester” (rated by Journal News, 2010). Bring home a pint, goes well with...everything!

Really Good Chocolate
Of course, high quality cocoa.  But the real difference is lots of melted Callebaut Bitter-Sweet Chocolate to give it a true chocolate taste.  Just a bit of sugar, all blended into our fresh vanilla base.  Its not too sweet...and REALLY good.

Peppermint Stick
It’s Christmas in July. Really!

Real Oreo
The real deal! Big chunks of real Oreos move this way beyond cookies and cream

Vanilla Malted Brownie
A flavor that grown-ups will recognize from the days of malt shoppes, and kids will love as a new discovery. Real “malty” and our homemade brownies combine for the perfect retro experience.

Roasted Banana
Fresh butter, brown sugar, and bananas-roasted and caramelized to bring out the flavors.  And old favorite with a new twist.

Local berries (some from our own rooftop garden) all season long.

Fresh Ginger
Pounds of ginger root juiced and mixed with crystalized ginger pieces. Spicy yet sweet and maybe the best you’ve ever had.

Espresso Sambucca
When a little alcohol meets ice cream, the flavor is just incredible. Add espresso from our pal Michael at The Black Cow and the flavor finds you right away. Sometimes we’ll add some chips for that perfect chocolate/coffee experience.

Honey Vanilla w/ Lavender
We steep the lavender grown for us by the local middle school in Croton honey, strain, and stir into our award winning vanilla.  Subtly sophisticated...and one of our most popular flavors,for sure.

Buttered Pecan
The taste of real butter envelopes the pecans, as we toast them to perfection. An old fashioned flavor seems brand new.

Maple Walnut
Another classic made new with local syrup from White Oak Farm. Don’t be surprised if the nuts are toasted with cinnamon and spices.

Local Peach
10 pounds of fresh August peaches go into each batch.  “Tastes like Summer”, my dad would say.

Garden Mint Chip
Starts with our homegrown Black Peppermint,then we heat it, blend it, strain it into a minty cream. Add some chocolate crunch with Callebaut chips and the classic is totally redefined.

Non-Dairy Flavors

Fresh lime juice, fresh mint from our garden, a little sugar and a splash of rum

Grapefruit Campari
OK it sounds sour, but this is not your grandma’s grapefruit. Our local customers are crazy for this grown up combo.

Fresh Strawberry
Fresh berries from our garden and a few other local sources make what our own Taylor calls “JUST SO GOOD!”

Creamy without the dairy, satisfying for cravers or just lovers of the exotic.

Lemon Sorbet
So many lemons go in we burned out our juicer.

Our Flavors change daily and with the season!  Check out our facebook page or follow us on twitter, give us a call or stop by to check out our latest flavors!



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